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Akhirnya Nintendo mengumumkan secara resmi produk konsol video game portable terbarunya yaitu Nintendo 3DS. Nintendo 3DS adalah sebuah video game portable pertama yang hardwarenya mendukung teknologi 3D tanpa perlu menggunakan kaca mata 3D. Di bawah ini merupakan informasi detail mengenai nintendo 3DS yang dikutip dari , menampilkan juga informasi harga dan tanggal peluncurannya nanti.

3DS Official Launch Information

Today Nintendo has officially announced some details, as well as pricing and launch date infomation, regarding the Nintendo 3DS. The 3DS is the first 3D enabled hardware console/portable to take advantage of technology that gives you a 3D image without the need for 3D glasses. Hit the jump to see all the details that were announced today.

3DS Console Overview
* 2 colours, blue and black
* Camera functionality (can take 3D pictures). Can convert photos into Miis.
* SD card compatible
* Screen size about 10% larger than DSi
* 3DS can also play NDS and DSi titles (backward compatible)
* the 3D affect can be adjusted or turned off.
* Spotpass: If you are in a wifi area, the 3DS will automatically receive content (even if it is on sleep mode).
* Streetpass: Local connections between 3DS systems. Automatically shares Mii and Game info with other people.
* Improved Friend Code system. one per system.
* Augmented Reality. 3DS can interact with special cards.
* Online shop of old original gameboy games.

Short Film
* Shaun the Sheep (from Wallace and Gromit)
* A series of 1 minute 3D videos available for download on 3DS


* Super Street Fighter 4
* Will use streetpass for multiplayer. Vague explanation: You can take the 3DS, leave it in sleep mode in your bag, and your fighter will fight other 3DS’s without you knowing about it.
* Can also play online multiplayer. Local wireless play. Allows spectators to watch matches live (channellive system).
* 35 characters.

* Rayman 3D
* Tom clancy splinter cell 3D
* Combat of giants dino 3D
* Ashphalt 3D
* Rabbids 3D
* Tom Clancy Shadow Wars
* James Noir Hollywood Crimes
* Driver Renegade

* ProEvolutionSoccer2011 3D
* Camera focusses on close-up player view, rather than overall stadium view.

* Dead Or Alive Dimensions (Similar wireless play mode to Super SF4)
* Samurai Warrior

* Pilot Wings Resort
* Nintendogs + cats (pets can remember faces using camera)
* SteelDiver (submarine game)
* Legend Of Zelda OoT 3D
* Kid Icarus Uprising
* Face Raiders (pre-installed game)
* Starfox 64
* Paper Mario
* Mario Kart

* Resident Evil
* Super Monkey Ball
* Lego Star Wars
* The Sims 3
* Ridge Racer 3D
* MGS Snake Eater
* Animal Crossing

Tanggal Rilis
MARCH 25 2011 EUROPE/March 27 2011 US
Harga tergantung pada retailer berkisar US $249
25 GAMES tersedia antara Maret dan akhir Juni

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    Saya sudah memiliki 3ds dan saya sangat menyesal membeli nya karena 3ds tidak memuaskan

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