Video: Samsung introduce flexible display technology

Video - Samsung introduce flexible display technology
Technology news. A few days ago, Samsung again showing off their flexible screen through the video uploaded on Youtube. News of plans to make gadgets that limber been sticking some time ago but not the screen but a smartphone, and not only just Samsung, Nokia also is working hard to make a phone with the same concept.

Back to the video, the video we are treated to something extraordinary, like the screen which is practically transparent glass can be bent as desired, and remarkable screen can display 3D images, the video was also presented various other features such as voice translator , ebook reader and so forth.

According to information from TechRadar, the display consists of two AMOLED panels, silicone rubber, cover glass and the modular case and all in it together.

The screen is reportedly going to be used for future mobile phones and tablets. And here’s the video.

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